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Since I was a child growing up on a farm in Iowa, I loved being surrounded by nature, fun, outdoors and animals. That was my safe place and my happy place.


Even while serving in Iraq with my husband in 2003, I found animals to love on and I find them everywhere I go. 


A couple years ago, I was approached by a friend to start mobile petting zoos.  This was not something on my radar but not being one to ignore a challenge or fun, my husband and I (with the help of our 4 kids) jumped in!

It was a lot of fun, a lot of learning, a lot of smiles and joy and mostly - a LOT of work!  

The goal has always been to provide a building with year round family recreation, the first accessible indoor playground and farm, and to grow into a self sustaining farm, but the path has been longer and harder than expected. Good thing I have a motto for hard times:


I will. Watch me.

Nothing ever stops me and so we pivoted and in Fall of 2023 and moved into just "Farm Parties" hosted for the entire community at our farm.  This shifted to us focusing on growing what we always intended to grow  - that original dream on our land! 

This is a leap of faith and we hope you and your family will come join us on our journey to bring fun, laughs and joy to as many people on our farm as we can!

It has been a blessing to have the ability to work as a family and bring something so good and fun to our community.

If you want to follow along as wel go, there are weekly and sometimes daily updates on our Tik Tok account and Facebook page.

It's so heartwarming to have so much positive support and so many people enjoying this journey with us!  YOU are all a part of our farm too and we appreciate you!

Me serving in Iraq

My Family -  Dec 2023

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