Prices listed are per hour. 
If you have a special request for animals or a budget you have in mind let us know and we will work with you on options.  
Events that are multiple hours are eligible for a discounted rate after the first hour.


Boy Carrying Goat

$60 for each pen chosen (+ mileage)
You can mix and match or chose all 5 pens for your custom petting zoo experience


Ducks - Guests can enter this pen

Mini Cow - Guests remain outside of pen for interaction

Alpaca - Guests remain outside of pen for interaction

Sheep - Guests remain outside of pen for interaction

Goats - Guests remain outside of pen for interaction

All 5 pens and all animals above for a complete petting zoo set up is $300


Bearded Dragon

$50 for one table with 2 animals (+ mileage)

We will set up a table with our larger snake and a bearded dragon to share and let our guests hold.
Believe it or not, the snakes are THE MOST popular animal at every Petting Zoo, every single time!


Image by James Lee

$40 for one table with all animals listed below (+ mileage)

We will bring a table with our Pacman Frog, Tarantula, Tortoises for guests to see and learn about



Variable $75-$200 plus mileage

Want to have a mini educational session at your school, home, daycare or other small gathering?

We will bring an emu egg and emu feathers to pass around and 3 animals from the list below~

Animals that can be held:

Large Snake

Bearded Dragon

Animals to look at but not hold:


Pacman Frog

Every person will have a chance to hold and/or take pictures with all the animals they choose

We will do a short educational session for each animal

We will also bring coloring pages to make sure those who are waiting for their turn to hold and take pictures have something to stay busy


Family Feeding Pigs

To Be Determined:

We are hard at work listening to what our customers want and trying to set up our farm for Farm Visits and private Farm Parties.  We are not ready yet, due to barbed wire, sharp metal on sheds, no parking, no bathroom and we want it safe for little ones, but we are planning, saving and preparing our best to make it happen!


Mileage fees are total miles driven round trip according to Google maps starting at our farm located at 24769 475th Ave in Dell Rapids, SD. 

We will drive up to 60 miles one way to get to a location, driving further than that puts a lot of trailer time and stress on the animals beyond set up and petting zoo time.

Mileage rate; $1.60 per mile driven

Additional Information:

Hand washing stations with soap and water must be provided according to best health practices and insurance requirements.  If not available on site, a hand washing station will need to be rented and provided on site before any animals are due to arrive. We will always provide hand sanitizer on location as well and that can be a last resort for handwashing but soap and water is the best.

We do provide Treat cups at 2/$1 at longer events.  If you would prefer to not have them sold at your event but want them provided for free to your guests, there is a $30 charge.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure all state and local guidelines are being followed and a petting zoo is allowed by all laws and ordinances.

There will be an extra charge for blacktop/concrete/hard surfaces as the animals will need a substrate put down, and cleaned/removed which is an added cost and added labor as well as shade tents (we will provide) required to keep hooves and feet off hot surfaces.

A fresh water source that can fill 5 gallon buckets needs to be located within 100 feet for any petting zoo lasting more than 2 hours, if none available, there will be an extra charge of $50 for filling and hauling water tanks

All outdoor petting zoos are at the mercy of Midwest weather.  We will do our best to accommodate  but that may also adjust what animals can come along, travel and access to the general public already stresses our animals and we will not put them in a detrimental condition.  We do provide a generator when access to electricity is not available, as well as shade tents, fans and spray bottles to help mitigate heat and some heating sources can be provided for colder weather, however time, temperature and location are all factors that we will consider on a case by case basis. We will do our best to bring the animals requested or bring extra animals that are more weather tolerant when possible. 

Like humans, animals get sick, hurt, refuse to come out of their shelters for loading or can have other issues that prevent them from having their best days and so we cannot guarantee any animal but will do our best to include them if we are able or add extra animals when one cannot attend.

A minimum 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book/reserve your date and time.  The rest of the cost is due upon arrival at the venue.  If events outside of human control (i.e. bad weather) occur, we will work with you to reschedule your event.

State sales tax, Municipal sales tax and a 1.1% tourism tax is included  and required by the State of SD, unless a copy of tax exemption status paperwork is provided.